Return on Investment

Improved ROI

  • Improved health and safety. No messy and dangerous trailing cables
  • Increased battery life of handset, cooling aids reduction of frequency between new battery refresh
  • Reduced amount of lost or damaged handsets, securely and correctly stored
  • Reduced amount of handsets in repair cycle, cooled hardware fails less and lasts longer
  • Reduction in broken workflow, correctly docked handsets ensure battery is fully charged before being taken into the field
  • Ergonomic design, obtaining maximum number of handsets in smallest area while complying to US ergonomic recommendations
  • Reduction in electrical sockets requirement, all electrics neatly provided and contained
  • Portable – maintains full security but can be moved if necessary
  • Can provide WiFi zone without drilling and cabling, connectivity provided from within cabinet
  • Vastly Improves project deployment, elegant turnkey solution provides a smart one piece plug and play, also reduces or eliminates site work
  • Rapid Return on investment